your lastHello, your loved, your decision!

your lastHello, your loved, your decision...

lastHello is an online service that allows customers to determine during their lifetime who will manage their digital data after their death. Digitisation has led to a sharp increase in the number of online accounts and contracts created by each user. Managing your digital bequest not only enables you to regulate who will receive your login details, but also allows you to leave behind final messages, business secrets, or simply the recipe for your grandma's apple cake for your loved ones. Anything is possible. What matters is that you decide! You determine who can react and deal with your bequest as well as when, where, and how. lastHello can guarantee that all data will be treated sensitively and stored using advanced encryption technology. lastHello is only activated when we no longer hear from you.

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Managing your digital bequest - is becoming increasingly important

Managing your digital bequest is becoming increasingly important! Not many people think about their digital legacy. This is due to our irregular lifestyle and the fact that death remains a taboo topic. Unfortunately, death is omnipresent. Illness, road accidents, environmental catastrophes, terrorist attacks and many other events line the statistics of unexpected causes of death. We deliberately suppress the topic, because let us be honest: who enjoys thinking about death while still alive? Unfortunately, the bereaved are those who lose out. In addition to coming to terms with their loss, they also have to deal with the digital legacy. Not all contracts (especially online contracts) automatically end with the user's death. Relatives must continue to pay for them. Often, relatives find out about such online contracts only indirectly and are not aware of the user activities of the deceased during their lifetime. For example, various e-mail, social media, and other platform providers will only delete accounts after they receive a copy of the ID and death certificate.

There are other providers that offer to manage digital bequests. These providers often take charge of researching and locating internet accounts belonging to the deceased. Such services, however, take a considerable amount of time and effort and are very expensive. lastHello helps you manage your digital bequest in a matter of minutes. You can save your most important login details and, if the worst comes to the worst, your loved ones will receive an email containing your legacy. They can then take care of deleting your accounts or managing the bequest in your interest without much hassle involved.

You can also use lastHello, the digital bequest service, simply to inform your relatives of secret depositories, e.g. for your will or your organ donor card. It is not uncommon for people to have an interest in keeping will provisions secret. Send your important information to your loved ones via lastHello to keep it safe. Unfortunately, depositing or sending a will via lastHello alone does not make it legally binding. A court will only accept a hand-signed document. Therefore, we recommend storing important documents in a secret/secure location or leaving them with a solicitor, who can of course be named as a designated contact person via lastHello.

We at lastHello not only wish to be useful, we also want to give you the opportunity to send final messages via text, video, or voice message. Should you wish to communicate information to somebody after your death, you can easily set up a message and a time for it to be sent using lastHello. Messages can also be sent years later or on a set date.


Send any kind of message
Access data and confidentials, like passwords and e-mail accounts on members
Whereabouts of the original testament in the right hands
Last video messages or voice messages for the bereaved
Security thanks to SSL encryption.
AES256-CBC file encryption.
Server located in Germany.
Secure and easy payment, different payment options, no additional fees
100% secure data and ideal protection thanks to advanced encryption and intelligent file storage
Thanks to SSL encryption, the process of inputting my information is protected from unauthorised access, whatever device I am using