Smartphone-App | last Hello - the first afterlife app!

iOS instructions

  1. You are in the starting area of the app - your legacy (overview).
  2. You have not yet created any legacy. We'll show you how to do this with an example .

  1. Welcome to the data area. All of your data/legacies are listed here. However, the list is empty. Let's create a new legacy by tapping on the plus .

  1. In this area you can choose from several templates that help you create your legacy (such as your Facebook access or even video files). In this guide, we will create a simple message.

  1. The identifier field is always needed and is very important. It is the description of the contents of the legacy. Therefore, choose your identifier in a way so you'll remember what is behind a legacy . Because only the identifier will be visible later in the app . We now show an example now ...
  2. Write here what you want to communicate with your digital heritage. Note: the contents (except for the identifier) ​​is no longer accessible visible. Once it has been saved, no one but the future recipient see the contents.
  3. Do not forget to save! If the identifier of the legacy already exists in your list, the app will point this out to you and ask if you want to overwrite it. Each identifier may only be used once.

  1. Now your list includes the legacies or \"your data\" mentioned in the message. But that is not enough for your digital heritage. We now have a legacy, but no one can know about this.
  2. Ok, let's go to the contact area.

  1. This area contains the list of your contacts. Contacts are people (always individuals) defined for your data/legacy. Let's create a new contact .

  1. The alias/identifier has the same purpose here as with the data. It is very important and necessary. The identifier describes your contact. You can delete or change (overwrite) contact at any time, but you will no longer be able to see the contact details. Therefore, select you identifiers here in this way.
  2. This is the email address of your contact which we will use to contact your legacy. To verify that no typos were made, you must retype the email address again in the next field.
  3. When you activate this option/check the box, we will send your contact an email asking them to confirm their email address. So you can you be sure that your legacy is left in the proper hands!
  4. Don't forget to save here too! If the identifier / alias already exists, a dialog you will point this out and ask if you want to overwrite the entry .

  1. You now have the contact 'my son' in your list. Now we are at the final step: connecting the legacies and contacts.
  2. We have to do this in the field 'Your legacy '.

  1. Here you can see all your data/legacies. To the right you see the number of assigned contacts and a button to add more contacts. Only assigned contacts will receive an email with this legacy. Now we want the link 'PayPal credentials' with 'my son'.

  1. All assigned contacts of 'PayPal login information' are listet. Tap now the plus button on the bottom right to assign further contacts or swipe a contact left to show the 'delete' option.

  1. Choose the contact you want to assign to

  1. Your contact is now listet here.
  2. Tap on the back button to go back to the overview.

  1. You have created successfully a legacy now.